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QZB Three Phase Reduced Starting Autotransformer
1. Application: QZB series autotransformer is suitable for infrequent step-down starting of three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors with AC 50Hz, rated input voltage of 380V and power of 15kW-450kW, to improve the influence of the motor on the transmission network when starting. The output of the transformer is usually 65%, 80%, it can only work in a short time when starting, and the starting time cannot exceed 20S within 1 hour. 2. The above are commonly used products, and special products can be produced according to customer requirements. 3. The above data is for reference only, if there is any change without notice, please refer to the actual product.
1. Application:QZB series auto-transformer is applied tounfrequent starting of three-phase squirrel-cage inductionmotor which is AC 50Hz,rate input voltage 380v,power is15kW-450kW to improve the affect to the subtransmissionnetwork when the motor starting .The transformer ofteninput 65%,80%and can work in short time when it'sstarting. The starting time should less than 20s in an hour .

2. The above-mentioned products is frequently-used, wecan also manufacture the products by customer design.

3. The above-mentioned specification is for reference,lfhas the change further , please take the material object asthe standard.
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