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Toroidal transformer
1. High-quality toroidal transformer: It is wound with imported silicon steel strip, and its magnetic circuit has no air gap, making full use of the direction of the silicon steel strip, so its magnetic circuit characteristics are excellent. The magnetic flux leakage itself is small, the load capacity is strong, and the efficiency is high. 2. Uses: This transformer is widely used in high-end audio, multimedia speakers, civil power amplifiers, card charters, mixers, professional stage power amplifiers, public address systems, 1U power amplifiers, 2U power amplifiers, 3U attack and amplifier machines, automation equipment, packaging Machinery, sealing machine, underwater light power supply, outdoor light equipment, sauna equipment, instrumentation, medical machinery and so on. In the future, as people's requirements for electronic products are getting higher and higher, the market share of their products will be more and more, and the fields of application will be wider. 3. Features: The toroidal transformer is small, light, thin, high efficiency, low no-load loss, low magnetic noise, low mechanical noise, low temperature rise, flexible size, easy to install, safe and convenient. 4. The above are commonly used products, and special products can be produced according to customer requirements. 5. The above data is for reference only, if there is any change without notice, please refer to the actual product.
1.Our Toroidal Transformers Are Used In MedicalElectronics,Test And Measurement Systems,IndustrialControl Panels, Data Communications,Motor Controls, LightFixtures,Audio Systems,Robotics,Ups, And Avionics.

2. With Their Very Low Magnetic Strayfield Emission Levels,Quiet Operation,Low Weight,Small Size,High Efficiency,And Easy Assembly, Our Toroidal Power Transformers WilDeliver The Superior Performance Capabilities You Require.

3. We Offer The Industry's Largest Selection Of StandardDesign Toroidal Power Transformers For Medical AndCommercial Applications. But If These Don't Exactly Fit YourNeeds,Then Our Engineers willDesign A CustomTransformer Best Suited To Your Requirements.

4.The above-mentioned products is frequently-used, wecan also manufacture the products by customer design.

5. The Above-mentioned Specification ls For Reference, lfHas The Change Further , Please Take The Material ObjectAs The Standard.
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