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Three Phase SG Isolation Transformer & Three Phase SOG Autotransformer
1. This transformer is widely used in three-phase power supply of import and export equipment, safety isolation power supply, buck-boost power supply, rectifier equipment power supply, detection system power supply, various mechanical power supplies, etc. (The input voltage and output voltage are less than 1000V, and the wiring method can choose lead out, original copper wire out, terminal, gong wire connection) 2. The above are commonly used products, and special products can be produced according to customer requirements. 3. The above data is for reference only, if there is any change without notice, please refer to the actual product.
1. This transtormer is widly applied to the single phase power supply of import-export equipment,safe-isolation power supply, step up-down power supply, rectfier equipment power supply, detecting system power supply, and kinds of machinery power supply.(The modeof connection can select lead wire, raw copper wire, connection, brass screw if input and output voltage is less than 1000v)
2.The above-mentioned products is frequently-used, we can also manufacture the products by customer design.
3. The above-mentioned specification is for reference, lf has the change further , please take the material object as the standard.
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