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R type transformer
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R type transformer

Main features:
1. The R-type transformer is 30% smaller, 40% thinner and 40% lighter than the EI transformer.
2. The R-type transformer has the smallest magnetic flux leakage, which is 10 times smaller than the EI-type transformer.
3. The heat generated by the R-type iron core transformer is at least 50% smaller than that of the EI-type transformer.
4. R-type transformers do not produce noise, which is far better than EI-type transformers or cut-core transformers with gaps in the core.
5. Compared with the toroidal transformer, the R-type transformer has stronger working performance, higher reliability, strong insulation performance and easy installation.
6. The structure of R-type transformer is simpler than that of EI and C-type transformers, but the reliability and quality are higher than them.
7. The R-type transformer allows you to have a finer design and reduce costs and increase efficiency.
8. The design of the R-type transformer basically meets all the safety standards in the world.
9. R-type transformers are mainly used in monitors, printers, computer terminals, copiers, fax machines, satellite broadcasting receivers, high-fidelity audio amplifiers, measuring and testing equipment, electrical equipment instruments, metering flow instruments, medical electronics Equipment, financial equipment, industrial equipment, elevators, signal equipment, monitor alarm equipment, communication equipment, etc. Using R-type transformers will greatly improve your quality and efficiency.
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R-Core transformer
R-Core transformer is a revolutionary breakthrough in transformer structure which employs grain-oriented steel material for cutless circular cross section R-core.
Compare with EI transformer,R type transformer is smaller 30%,thiner 40%,lighter 40% than EI type transformer.The capacity of our R type transformer is from 2VA to 1000VA,the input voltage from 100V to 240V,the output voltage is as customer’s design.
They are widely appied to printer,monitor,survey equipment and test equipment,electrical equipment and supplies,etc.

Basic Data:
Input Voltage:100V-240V
Output Voltage:as customer’s design
Power:from to 2VA to 1000VA
Frequency Hz:50-60Hz
Temperature-rise: ≤85 Celsius Degree
Operating Temperature:0 degree celcius -+40 degree celcius
Deposit Temperature:-20 degree celcius -+85 degree celcius

Application of R type transformer:
Monitor, printer, computer terminals, photocopier, fax machine, Digital satellite and broadcast receiver, High fidelity acoustics megaphone, survey equipment and test equipment, Electrical Equipment and supplies, metrologic instrument, ED Electron Device usde for medical, financial instrument, Industrial equipment, signalling equipment, monitior warning facility, communication equipment, lift and so on.


Small Power Consumption
Against Leakage Flux
No Noise
make the least heat
reduce your cost and increase the efficiency.
powerful function, more reliability, better insulation and easy to install.

Operating environment
1)Temp.:The ambient temperature can not over +40℃。
2)Altitude: Mounting location can not exceed the altitude of 2000m
3)Relative humidity: Maximum 90%
4)The site not attack by rain and snow
5)The medium which no explosion danger, no corroding metal, no electrical breakdown

Testing Items:
No-load Test(No-load Current, No-load Voltage, No-load Loss)
Load Test (Load Voltage, Temperature-rise)
Inductive Voltage Test
DC Resistance Test
Safety Test

The above-mentioned R type transformer is frequently-used, we can also manufacture the products by customer design. And the specification is for reference, if has the change further, please take the material object as the standard.




Out size and install size (mm)


R5 2-6 57 47 27 45 33 0.2
R8 7-10 69 61 34 53 44 0.3
R10 11-15 74 61 37 68 48 0.4
R20 15-25 80 70 39 55 45 0.5
R30 25-40 96 77 42 70 60 0.7
R40 40-55 99 80 44 70 60 0.9
R50 55-65 101 92 48 75 65 1.0
R65 65-80 105 95 51 90 65 1.2
R80 80-100 125 90 52 90 70 1.4
R100 100-120 126 110 57 100 80 1.7
R160 120-200 138 115 63 100 85 2.5
R260 200-280 160 121 66 130 95 3.4
R320 280-380 163 128 70 135 95 3.8
R600 380-600 185 150 83 142 100 6.3
R1000 600-1000 225 185 97 180 140 10.0


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R type transformer
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