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Influence of China's Entry into WTO on China's Electronic Transformer Industry

Influence of China's Entry into WTO on China's Electronic Transformer Industry

(Summary description)Influence of China's Entry into WTO on China's Electronic Transformer Industry

Influence of China's Entry into WTO on China's Electronic Transformer Industry

(Summary description)Influence of China's Entry into WTO on China's Electronic Transformer Industry


Influence of China's Entry into WTO on China's Electronic Transformer Industry
Source: China Electronic Components Industry Network
my country's entry into the WTO will make the already competitive domestic electronic transformer market more intense, especially whether it will make some domestic-funded enterprises that are already in a difficult situation more difficult, this is a question that everyone is more concerned about. There is an impact but it is not large, because electronic transformers are labor-intensive, and are mainly customized products according to user requirements. There are many varieties and specifications, and the production batches are large and large, which is not suitable for automation and large-scale production. At the same time, domestic electronic transformers have long been a Export-oriented, in line with the international market; with the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to reduce costs, production is shifting to areas with low labor costs, which is beneficial to our development of electronic transformer production. For domestic enterprises, the biggest problem is to improve product quality and enter the domestic market more effectively.

To this end, it is recommended that industry associations and enterprises have a thorough understanding of the rights and obligations that enterprises should enjoy after entering the WTO, such as tariff reduction, non-tariff barriers, trade liberalization and other international trade rules. The status quo of the electronic transformer industry, price changes, economic aggregate scale and market share should also be grasped. If you don't even know the basic market conditions of domestic electronic transformers, you will not be able to deal with anti-dumping after joining the WTO.

Based on the customs and industry statistics in recent years, this paper provides a reference for the total economic scale of the domestic electronic transformer industry and changes in the domestic market, so as to provide enterprises with a more effective participation in domestic and foreign market competition in terms of demand and domestic electronic transformers in the domestic market. Occupancy rate, etc. to evaluate, to provide reference for everyone to understand the price of electronic transformers, market changes, etc., to provide a basis for enterprises to more effectively participate in domestic and foreign market competition, please criticize the shortcomings.

Electronic transformer refers to the transformer used in electronic circuits and control circuits. Its main functions are voltage transformation, current transformation, isolation and impedance matching, etc., and can also generate waveforms, frequency transformation, voltage regulation, amplification, switching, compression, storage. , logical functions, etc. With the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic transformers are constantly updated. Domestically, it is divided into audio frequency, intermediate frequency, pulse, power supply, switching power supply, flyback transformer and deflection coil according to their use. In addition to the development and competition of various types of electronic transformers, the development of electronic complete machines plays a decisive role in their development and affects the competition between them, making the competitiveness of domestic electronic transformers different.

1. Audio transformers With the increasing popularity of digital audio electronic products and the wider use of integrated circuits, new color TVs no longer use audio transformers, and the original market of audio transformers is declining; at the same time, because the performance of R-type audio transformers is better than that of EI iron cores Audio transformers, so the demand for R-type audio transformers has grown. With the miniaturization of electronic products, the demand for small audio transformers with a width of 10 to 14 mm is large. But its general development trend is that the market demand continues to decrease, and many audio transformer manufacturers at home and abroad have left it.

Just because there are fewer production companies, this brings opportunities to some companies. In 2000, only 3 companies in the electronic system were still producing audio transformers, with an output of only 4.19 million pieces, and there was no export. Among them, the output of Shanghai Shengchang Tianhua accounted for 59.7%, and the average ex-factory price was as high as 6.48 yuan per piece. 8-9 times.

2. Intermediate frequency transformers Intermediate frequency transformers are export-oriented products with large output and low price. In 2000, enterprises in the electronic system produced 898 million pieces, accounting for 31.3% of the total weight, and exported 803 million pieces, with a proportion of 92.5%. Among them, Xiamen Wangming Electronics, Changbai Group, Qingdao Daxin Electric Research Institute, Huaian Yuan Line Electrical Component Factory, Almost 100% of the products of major manufacturers such as Nanhai Jiadi and Qingdao Wuxing Electronics are exported. It can be said that exports have driven their rapid development. The industry average price of intermediate frequency transformers in electronic systems is 0.626 yuan per piece, but the average ex-factory price of most companies is between 0.20 and 0.30 yuan per piece, and the highest is about 1 yuan per piece; the products are mainly exported, and their prices are also It is entirely determined by the international market, and accession to the WTO will not have much impact on it.

3. Power transformers Power transformers are labor-intensive and custom-made products are mainly produced. In recent years, domestic and foreign markets have been in strong demand and have developed rapidly.
According to reports, the production of power transformers in Taiwan Province of my country is expected to increase by 50%, Hong Kong by 20%, and India by 25%. Communications, computers, and consumer electronics are its three main markets, among which the growth in communications demand will play a big role in driving it. The current global annual demand for power transformers has exceeded 10 billion US dollars. Development, especially the development trend of surface mounting, has attracted great attention from all aspects. The 66.63.5mm for LCD and CD in Japan and the 2.65277mm series for surface mount power transformers for game consoles and tuners are still shifting to areas with low labor costs. , which has brought opportunities for the development of domestic production. At present, there are more than 100 domestic production enterprises.
Among the 5 companies in the electronic system that produce power transformers with an annual output of more than 100 million pieces, there are 3 companies in Xiamen City, namely Xiamen TDK, Dongjin Technology (Xiamen) and Xiamen Taihe Electronics, accounting for 64.2% of the total output, and the remaining two The home is Guangzhou Guangzhong Electronics and Guangzhou Dongfang Radio Factory. The products are mainly exported, with 116 million pieces exported, accounting for 67.6%, of which, except for Xiamen TDK, which accounts for 51%, the other four export almost 100%. In the industry of power transformers in electronic systems, the average price is 18.420 yuan per piece. The production of domestic power transformers has completely interacted with the world market and has grown rapidly at the same time. It is unlikely that the entry into the WTO will have a great impact on it.

4. Switching power transformers Switching power transformers are also export-oriented products. The proportion is as high as 70.9%. Among them, Jiangsu Jingshi Group, Fujian Hitachi TV Accessories, and Beijing Guoguang Electronics have an annual output of more than 10 million pieces, accounting for 9.6% of the total output. The average sales price in the industry is 6.085 yuan/piece, and the average ex-factory price is between 3-10.5 yuan/piece.

5. Flyback Transformer (FBT) The flyback transformer is developed with the development of TV sets and monitors. At present, due to the decline in global demand for color TVs, and the development of LCD (liquid crystal) displays is leading the development of CRT displays, and liquid crystal displays do not need flyback transformers, these have seriously affected the production of flyback transformers. For this reason, many manufacturers have developed high-end Small flyback transformers for dual focus, super resolution, low loss, short-neck CRT, etc.; production of value-added projection TVs and other flyback transformers; and improve product quality, obtain UL, CSA, VDE, CE, EMI, TCO and other certification; transfer production to areas with low labor and land costs to reduce production costs and other measures as coping strategies.

Due to the fact that flyback transformers are labor-intensive products and fierce price competition, some small and medium-sized enterprises have been forced to withdraw from this field. Last year, there were 4 in Taiwan Province. Nowadays, it is very difficult to produce flyback transformers in Japan and Taiwan. Most manufacturers have transferred production to mainland China. There are less than 10 companies still producing in situ, mainly domestic and foreign-funded enterprises. between.

At present, there are dozens of flyback transformer manufacturers in China, most of which are foreign-funded enterprises, and the production capacity is constantly expanding. The production proportion of enterprises in the electronic system is 37.7%, and its market is mainly domestic; among them, only Jiangsu Jingshi Group, Shenzhen Sangda Industry, and Tianjin Samsung TV have an annual output of more than 5 million TVs. The average price of unemployed sales is 27.860 yuan per piece, and the average ex-factory price is between 23 and 50 yuan per piece.

6. Deflection Coil (DY) Deflection coil is a product produced in conjunction with picture tubes and display tubes, and develops with the development of picture tubes and display tubes. Like flyback transformers, it is also dominated by the domestic market, with an annual output of more than 4 million pieces. There are only Xianyang Deflection Group, Rainbow Color Picture Tube Factory, Sanyo Electric (Shekou), Beijing Jile Electronics Group and Shanghai Shengchang Tianhua Electronics. Xianyang Deflection Group accounts for one-third of the total output. The industry sales average is 39.929 yuan per piece, and the average ex-factory price is between 17.46 and 57.46 yuan per piece.

Although my country is already one of the main production bases of electronic transformers in the world, the domestic market still needs a large amount of imports every year. 1.059 billion electronic transformers are imported from 44 countries (regions) per year, and the foreign exchange is 360 million US dollars (excluding parts and components). ).

The above is the basic market situation of the domestic electronic transformer industry, the result of more than ten years of reform and opening up, and the result of competition. The domestic market is large and the development is fast. After joining the WTO, domestic electronic transformers will rely on the efforts of colleagues in the industry to expand their market share in domestic and foreign markets.

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